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Tonbridge Global has been at the forefront of trading option contract services since 2002, with the sole aim of granting access to retail investors looking for financial experts via an easy-to-use trading platform.


We chose to set up our base of operations in British Virgin Islands as we saw that as the ideal location to create a global brand, thanks to the secure privacy laws and banking capitalizations across the continent.


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What are options?

The value of an option is determined by the value of an underlying instrument. This type of derivative can get its value from a commodity, stock, currency, index, or any other form of security.


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Peter Jones

Peter Jones

Working with Tonbridge was incredibly smooth and very quick. The company understood my needs and built me and ‘trading plan’ which I will continue to use.

Essie Perez

Essie Perez

Impressed by the excellent customer service I received. They were so patient and answered all my queries. I'll be back for sure. Thanks for your great service!

Dustin Dunn

Dustin Dunn

I had a fantastic customer service experience here. The staff was patient and attentive to my questions. I'll definitely return. Thank you for your exceptional service!


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We have grown year on year since 2002 and now have more than 80 analysts monitoring global finances and researching trends in order to provide up-to-date information for our clients. Keeping our finger constantly on the pulse allows our expert traders to take fast and clear action on behalf of our clients in order to boost profits.


That was our aim over two decades ago, and that is still our aim today. We are, and forever will be, committed to providing the very best trading platform to our clients, adapting and evolving with the ever-changing investment world to keep them ahead of the curve.

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