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Who are we?

About Us

Tonbridge Global has been at the forefront of trading option contract services since 2002, with the sole aim of granting access to retail investors looking for financial experts via an easy-to-use trading platform.

We chose to set up our base of operations in British Virgin Islands as we saw that as the ideal location to create a global brand, thanks to the secure privacy laws and banking capitalizations across the continent.

We have grown year on year since 2002 and now have more than 80 analysts monitoring global finances and researching trends in order to provide up-to-date information for our clients. Keeping our finger constantly on the pulse allows our expert traders to take fast and clear action on behalf of our clients in order to boost profits.

That was our aim over two decades ago, and that is still our aim today. We are, and forever will be, committed to providing the very best trading platform to our clients, adapting and evolving with the ever-changing investment world to keep them ahead of the curve.


It only took Tonbridge Global three years to register our first 18,000 customers, with more than 80,000 global trades per month during this time. Since then, we have grown exponentially, while maintaining the same great service.

We saw our trading volumes shoot past the $15 million per month mark and we reinvested our time, energy, and finances into improving our platform even further. A 24-hour multilingual support team was introduced. User-focused features were added to the platform. A wide spectrum of trading opportunities was provided, which is widening still to this day. Every step we have taken over the past 20+ years has been about creating the very best trading platform possible.

We currently have Tonbridge Global sales centres and offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, and Zurich, with our headquarters currently found in British Virgin Islands. We are all about global coverage. Trading should be an opportunity open to everyone in the world.

To make matters even better, our trading platforms are specifically designed to be useful to a wide range of traders, from first-timers to experienced professionals. That is a balance of user-friendly simplicity and detailed features that can only be provided by an experienced platform. But don’t just take our word for it, look at the numerous awards our platform has won!

Our Values

Tonbridge Global was built on four core values which we have kept at the root of every decision for the best part of two decades – values we intend to stand by long into the future.
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Security
  • Customer service

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our dream is to provide trading services to every person in the world across every available market in the world. That means we quite literally never stop growing, improving, and adapting for the good of our clients. While original platforms focused on currency and equities, we wanted to focus our attention on the commodity markets as that’s where we think the value lies for our users. That’s why we are a market leader in our sector.